It’s an Emergen-SAY! Contest

What’s our sassy Emergency Mascara Technician (EMT, of course) saying? Fill in her speech bubble—the wittier the better (wink wink)—for a chance to win a $500 Benefit Cosmetics prize package!


“Let’s play doctor!” (wink wink)

We’re giving away 1 grand prize worth $500 & 2 runners up worth $250 in Benefit product—including the brand-new fakeup, they’re real, benetint & much, much more.

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332 Responses to “It’s an Emergen-SAY! Contest”

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  1. Patricia says:

    S.O.S, Emergency. Wanna solve it, use the new mascara Lashouncy

  2. Martina Wong says:

    Few coats a day will keep the doctors away!

  3. Amy Bolda Pugmire says:

    A "benefit a day, Keeps the Doctor away! A good laugh and lots of benefit makeup are the best cures in a doctors book!

  4. Ann Snowden says:

    Apply 2 coats of benefit they're real mascara a day to keep the doctor away.

  5. Martina Wong says:

    Few coats a day will keep the doctors away! (;

  6. Ila Fuentes Uronen says:

    After one look at those babies the doctor won't want to take you off his patient list

  7. Hannah Norris says:

    Benefit each day keeps the beauticians at bay ;) xx

  8. I would love to win your benefits makeup it would be a dream for me. Cus I see you gals all the time ins qvc and I just love the way you do your products

  9. They're so real, you wont have to fake up anymore. Recommended by Dr. Porefessional.

  10. Christina Carrion says:

    Using Benefit products everyday will keep the look of needing a doctor away!

  11. Rocio Toledo says:

    Doctor:I think it's a boiing,nurse: doctor thanks a good thing!:)

  12. Katherine Woodward says:

    A wink is worth a thousand words! ;)

  13. Kristin says:

    An apple a day will keep the Doctor away, but flirty lashes will bring him back!

  14. Suzanne says:

    Seniors need love 2 and Benefits~~~~ I’m 65 n LOVE LOVE LOVE Benefits, I’m told I look 10 to 20 years younger !!!! Really !!!

  15. Lost your lashes? well im here to help you, I'm Nurse LASH

  16. Majesty Charmaine Cataulin says:

    Quick fix… Lash in a flash!

  17. JoAnn Freedman says:

    You've been bad huh?! FIFTEEN LASHES!

  18. Shauna Weir says:

    Trust me … I'm an Emergen-SAY Technician … Now if u would like to lie down for me …

  19. Kimmie Smith says:

    Diagnosis: Never FAKE IT, use fake- up!!!! ;)

  20. Stephanie Jabowyi Ta says:

    1 coat a day helps keep those falsies away!

  21. Lisa Cheng says:

    Don't worry They're Real will do a good job

  22. An apple a day will keep the Doctor away, but flirty lashes will bring him back!

  23. Monika Iwona Bigoraj says:

    Wake up with the FAKEup makes you the everyday day STAR

  24. Steph Lyman says:

    A code blue everyone can benefit from.

  25. Devika Heroor says:

    With lashes like these….. CPR is Inevitable!!;)

  26. Stephanie Reyes says:

    Lets fix it!

  27. Helen Murray says:

    Let the nurse give you a good lashing you wil NEVER forget….!

  28. Alyssa Hill says:

    I guarantee, Doctor Benefit will make you feel better and it won’t hurt a bit!

  29. Tiff Lung says:

    come on, be a bad girl with me and please don't stray ;).

  30. ISABELA says:

    Benefit os good as health! / / /

    Have u taken yours today??

  31. Lauren Ashlee says:

    LASH ATTACK? Let me treat it …'ll benefit from it!!!

  32. Martina De Rossi says:

    ….he will look into your eyes

  33. Ashley Hiro says:

    And when they ask if you've had any work done, jus smile and say "They're Real" ;)

  34. Alyssa Noelle Geniza says:

    Call Fine-One-One and say Watt'a Up because you need help from a Porefessional to make those lashes look like They're Real!

  35. Cheyenne Calouro says:

    Yes they’re real…and so are my lashes!

  36. Staci Tucker says:

    Omg !! We need a double coat of they're real !!! STAT !!!

  37. Kristen B. says:

    Benefit always comes to my rescue in a cosmetastrophe…a cosmetic catastrophe…

  38. Christy says:

    I would love to add this collection to my collection!!!

  39. Julie Hanna says:

    Let's be friends with Benetints

  40. An apple a day keeps the doctor away but with these flawless lashes who can blame him?

  41. Robin Lee Guido Croteau says:

    Eye exam results: Yes, They're Real!

  42. I would love to have this collection!!!

  43. Jenn Crisco says:

    Are your lashes looking lifeless? Emergency Mascara Technician Revitalizes! Now, Open Wide

  44. Bonnie Bach Waldo says:

    Friends with Benefits, I like that.

  45. just look in the mirror thats benefit yeah the doc did it again

  46. April Vandepas says:

    It is 100% normal to "fake-it".

  47. Jennifer Stratton Chandler says:

    Trust me…I'm a Doctor.

  48. Emily Harnett says:

    I'll get you that sponge bath in ONE HOT MINUTE! ;)

  49. A shot of Badgal a day will Benefit you in every way(;.

  50. Julie says:

    Wanna be friends with Benefit(s)?

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