It’s an Emergen-SAY! Contest

What’s our sassy Emergency Mascara Technician (EMT, of course) saying? Fill in her speech bubble—the wittier the better (wink wink)—for a chance to win a $500 Benefit Cosmetics prize package!


“Let’s play doctor!” (wink wink)

We’re giving away 1 grand prize worth $500 & 2 runners up worth $250 in Benefit product—including the brand-new fakeup, they’re real, benetint & much, much more.

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332 Responses to “It’s an Emergen-SAY! Contest”

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  1. Susan Barton says:

    "yes Dr. There real!

  2. Your lashes needs a therapy? the EMT is what the doctor recommeds! Posology: Everyday!

  3. Kim Blair says:

    oh NO my false lash glued my eye shut

  4. Kim Blair says:

    Doctor Seeing you brings my blood pressure up

  5. Jenn Adkins says:

    They're real (I use Benefit)

  6. Sally Notias says:

    Beauty is from within but a splash of cheek and lip tint can work a treat

  7. Yolanda Ranchal says:

    I love coralist

  8. Fix yourself with Benefit!

  9. Morgana Tjaden says:

    The siren is a blarin' because these lashes are a flarin'!

  10. karishma says:

    Beauty is in the mascara-clad eyes of the beholder. Get beautiful.

  11. Beth says:

    Benefit mascara ,The forth emergency service for girls with lashes that are just diabolical ;)

  12. Enya Rosenvinge says:

    The doctor won't believe 'they're real'

  13. KellyG says:

    Watch out! These lashes can poke your eye out!

  14. This is an emergency. We need to get her prepped and flawless stat!

  15. Cynthia says:

    What? My eyelash an emergency! Never!

  16. Beth Alice says:

    Benefit mascara ,the forth emergency service for girls with lashes that are just diabolical !;)

  17. Maria says:

    This mascara last longer than I do!

  18. Alanna says:

    There’s something in my eye! Oh, it is just you!

  19. Heather JC says:

    Of course they are real!

  20. EMT (emergency mascara technician) speaking….how may I help your lashes

  21. Joel Ricks says:

    Apply 2 or 3 coats and call me this evening.

  22. Ciara Grace says:

    Doctor,Doctor I think my eyes have grown wings!

  23. Ciara Grace says:

    Doctor, Doctor I think my eyes have grown wings!

  24. Lottie tomley says:

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but they’re real lashes will make them stay! Xxxx

  25. Kris Here says:

    He-eyy who needs an emergen-saay kit?

  26. Heather Cregut says:

    Your lashes look spectacular! My work is done here!

  27. DeAnne Overholt Stepp says:

    Trust me (wink) your benefits cover this

  28. May Ayuyu says:

    Lash emergency? No need to flake! EMT's to the rescue..with some gorgeous mascara's, that is!

  29. Laughter is the best cosmetic so grin and wear it. Wink wink.

  30. Let me use my super High Beam powers to fix your beauty emergency to benefit you every need because these beauty uh oh probs, omg, They're REAL.

  31. I will nuture you into a benefitlishous babe. Wink wink.

  32. With some of this you'll look as good as me !

  33. Chere GrayEvanger says:

    Can't wait to try it…

  34. Shereen says:

    The Benefits are amazing!

  35. Lauren Kim says:

    The doc is in and the verdict is…. THEY'RE REAL?!

  36. Hello Dr. Feel good,no need to run tests they're real. U can tough em if you like.

  37. Michelle Rmz says:

    Stop hearts with a wink!

  38. Cari Chabron says:

    Call Fine One One to recharge your lips & cheeks

  39. Stephanie says:

    Don’t be maSCARY! He’ll be YOUR #1 fan with a little help from Nurse Benefit.

  40. Priscilla J. Alvarado says:

    "Doctor said only 2 coats will make you feel Fabu-lash!"

  41. Ava Maxwell says:

    We need to revive these lashes! Get me they’re real lash STAT!

  42. Suzy Smith says:

    Even a plastic surgeon can't tell they're real ;)…

  43. Michelle Rmz says:

    Stop hearts with a wink!

  44. Debra Shaw Sabourin says:

    Only a nurse knows for sure…and this nurse isn't telling!

  45. Gina Qualin says:

    Did someone say "Emergen-say" … you'll be stopping hearts with this one ladies.

  46. Patricia says:

    Open up, just a swing.Is amazing and it fits. Take it darling, Benefit.

  47. Elisabetta D'Erme says:

    No tears, no fears! Just ready for the stage!

  48. Angelique Avila says:

    So Fabulash no Surgery required!

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