It’s an Emergen-SAY! Contest

What’s our sassy Emergency Mascara Technician (EMT, of course) saying? Fill in her speech bubble—the wittier the better (wink wink)—for a chance to win a $500 Benefit Cosmetics prize package!


“Let’s play doctor!” (wink wink)

We’re giving away 1 grand prize worth $500 & 2 runners up worth $250 in Benefit product—including the brand-new fakeup, they’re real, benetint & much, much more.

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331 Responses to “It’s an Emergen-SAY! Contest”

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  1. Linda says:

    Forever Love your Lashes EMT Style!

  2. Vee King says:

    Where's the lashing emergency?

  3. Vee King says:

    Wanna Lash-out?

  4. Dr.look deep into my eyes and feelgood

  5. Laura Sears Tardif says:

    Quick, call fine-one-one! We've got a case of gorgeous!!!

  6. Gaby B says:

    Doctor! Doctor! Give 'em the news!
    We've got a great brand of mascara for you!

  7. Amy Jones Hicks says:

    This mascara is making eyes pop, hearts stop and jaws drop! Call the doctor quick!

  8. Malisa Sa Xiong says:

    pick me

  9. Only your doctor knows they're fake! ;)

  10. Amanda Kester says:

    someone! quick! get the doctor these lashes are bursting with bueaty.

  11. Love benefit I need it

  12. Kristen B. says:


  13. Carolynn Montez says:

    A mascara sure to distract & cure all arguments!

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