fakeup hydrates AND conceals…say whaaat?

“Cakey” is a description for dessert. “Dry” is how I like a martini.  Neither description should ever refer to your under-eye area.

Fakeup is here to make sure that never happens.

What  is “fakeup” you ask? It’s elementary, my dear! It’s not “makeup” it’s “fakeup” — a one-of-a-kind concealer that HYDRATES while it covers up imperfections.

This little drink of water works double duty; the pigmented concealing core provides natural-looking coverage while the outer ring rejuvenates the skin with Vitamin E and Apple Seed Extract. 

fakeup in action

Unlike other concealers, fakeup is layerable! So if you have a concealer which you already LOVE (how could we forget our industrial-strength friend, boi-ing, or brightening bff, erase paste), fakeup can be applied over it anytime it needs a little “perk-me-up.” Forget about the thick, hot-mess that can happen when layering more concealer over the existing concealer, light-weight fakeup loosens up any cakiness that settles in fine lines and gives that dry sensitive skin under your eyes an instant refresh.

For your viewing pleasure, we recruited the Harvard Sailing Team (you might recognize the cast from this favorite “Boys Will be Girls” video) to help us bring this secret weapon to life. Here, watch…



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  1. LilSammy Snow says:

    haha these vids are coolio.

  2. twinkylala says:

    I’d like to ask which shade of Fakeup (light or medium) you used in the demonstration above?

  3. Tiffany Garcia says:

    Do I apply fakeup before foundation and powder or after????

  4. Laura White says:

    I must admit, the results look promising.

    But I think they could have gone with a better name. The name “Fake-up” sounds too good to be true.

    It could be the quick-fix to all women who wanted to conceal under eye imperfections and look younger and beautiful.

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