it’s nice to meet you…diane

The beauty-buzz that comes from a successful makeup purchase can be lost when you get home, take out the product, and ask yourself, “Wait, how do I apply this again?”

We’ve taken the guesswork out & filmed the fabulous Diane G. showing you easy-to-follow tips n’ tricks on how to apply your favorite Benefit products.

Diane isn’t just any other makeup maven with a brush and a camera; as the National Education Director, she motivates, develops and inspires the people who work at Benefit! In fact, Diane has been helping people to feel and look their best through training programs and videos for the past TEN years.

Meet her once — you’ll love her for life. She has a certain charisma, a savvy beauty know-how, and can tell you stories for days. There’s something about her that makes everyone at work think “Diane, I want to know you outside the 9-to-5. PLEASE LET ME HANG OUT WITH YOU” (and then you realize that’s kind of creepy). See for yourself in our newly launched how-to video series

…Can you tell her last job was in television (more on that below)?

Diane G in the NYC

More Words of Wisdom from Diane

• I’m most inspired by…people who take risk
• The five things I love/can’t live without…my friends and family, my dog gyzmo, sushi, a good book, salsa dancing
• When I need creative inspiration…I go to the beach
• The one Benefit product I swear by is…hoola, bronzing powder
• My favorite place in SF Bay Area is…North Beach
• My favorite thing at my desk is…picture of my family
• My best makeup trend from high school or the one I most regret…”less is more.”
• My favorite Benefit moment…Having a client hug me and thank me after showing her how to draw on brows using brow zings brow shaping kit; she had lost her brows after undergoing chemotherapy.
• Before Benefit I… did the news (as a telecaster in Miami!) and learned everyone has a story.

Looking for some makeup how-tos? Check out these tips & tricks over on our YouTube channel (the how-to apply hoola bronzer one’s below!)