Go Bold or Go Home

Here at Beauty Central, brows are just as important as our morning cup of coffee. Starting a day without them? Don’t bother us. Starting a day without both of them? Don’t even think about it. Seriously, have you seen us without our early a.m. caffeine fix? Now imagine that without the transformative powers of a good brow arch. YIKES.


Yes, we’re jealous of our coworker Michelle’s bold brows.

This is why, when we re-capped the spring 2013 runway shows, we were ecstatic to see so many bold brows popping up. Show after show. Validation! Yes, we’re well aware that we don’t all have a perfect bold brow like Cara Delevingne, but we promise this look is easier to achieve than you think. Just look at our coworker Michelle’s fierce arches (above). It’s really all about how you accentuate what you got.

We chatted with our resident beauty brow expert and here’s what he recommends for achieving this look:

Use your natural color. Use the base tone of your hair color. Have highlights? Make sure you use the natural color of your roots; this will fit for a more natural-looking brow.

Tint it! Tinting is the perfect trick to create a long-lasting color effect or to capture those pesky baby hairs around the edge of your brow. While we still recommend filling in your brow, tinting gives you an outline and allows you to go bold or go home! Check out all of our brow services here!


Brows a-go-go FTW!.

No harsh lines! Now that you have your color or tint, it’s time to fill in your brow. Using your step-by-step brows a-go-go kit, shape your brow using both the powder & wax. Then blend! This is the most important step. Use the Tweezerman for Benefit brow shaping brush to comb & blend those hard edges for a natural look.

Lastly, how bold can you go? Well, how bold do you feel? Our best advice is to go with your instinct. Feeling more confident? Rock the boldest arches out there, gorgeous! Have an important meeting to attend? Still go for it, but just be sure to blend for a more natural look. Look like Cara Delevingne? We hate you.

Want to take your brow to the next level? Read our Raising Eyebrow book for your own personal guide to amazing arches!

Have more questions? Ask away, below!