DIY: Earth Day Upcycling

Happy Earth Day, Benebabes! As a San Francisco-based company, we pride ourselves on being green. But when Earth Day comes around, it gives us an extra excuse to be green and crafty! Take a look at how we upcycled Benefit packaging into adorable (and useful!) things for the home & office.

Mini orchids, succulents & lillies. Oh my!

Instant vase! Once you’ve used all your remove it makeup remover, just add flowers!

Turn any Benefit kit into a jewelry box. Just remove the interior packaging & pack with lovely baubles.

Pretty & portable. Turn a refined finish facial polish box into a pencil holder.

Not using your box ‘o powder brush? Rid your keyboard of dust with just a sweep.

All out of it’s potent or total moisture? They double as the cutest succulent pots!

Hide your paper clips in your creaseless cream shadow box. Your clips are safe with us!

What are some ways you can up-cycle your empty Benefit faves? Tell us below!