Extra! Extra! Read our Q&A with SpyGal!

We recently sat down with our favorite grime-fighting POREfessional, SpyGal. It was a quick catch-up session before she had to jump into (and out of) another airplane to her next top secret mission. But of course she wanted to dish about her newest comic book, her flawlessly pore-free complexion & why a superhero never reveals her biggest secrets.


Saving the world from ugly, one pore at a time.

California Kissin’ Tell: So, SpyGal, let’s hear about your new Marvel comic book!

SpyGal: If I told you I’d have to kill you. Ha! I kid, I kid. There’s really not much to tell—just you know, a short overview of a week in my PORE-fighting world. A few flights out of San Francisco; using my kick-ass, pore-zappin’ ray gun; getting my brows done … just the normal week in the life of a superhero.

CKT: What’s it like to have the secret life of a smooth operator?

SG: There’s a whole lot of globe trottin’, saving people’s lives & trying to escape shady business from those ugly pores. I’d say the secret is to stay calm and have no fears. Also, a ton of my favorite primer helps.

CKT: We have to ask … who are you dating these days?

SG: Nice try! But a true superhero doesn’t kiss & tell.

CKT: You’re one smooth operator, SpyGal. So, how do you keep your moves as flawless as your eyebrows?

SG: My moves are a secret I’ll never reveal… BUT I will tell you that my eyebrows are flawless thanks to Benefit Brow Bars. I never go on any adventure without a touch-up from my favorite Aesthie.

CKT: If you could be anyone else in the world, who would it be?

SG: Definitely my mother. She’s got more superpowers than all of mine combined. You know what they say about supermoms, right? Plus, where do you think I learned my pore-fighting skills from? ;)

CKT: What do you consider your best superpower?

SG: The POREfessional, of course! It combats shine even when I’m traversing deserts or up all night.

CKT: Any other exciting projects coming up?

SG: There sure is! I’m throwing a Twitter contest May 3-12 for a chance to win $250 in Benefit Cosmetics goodies. You all know what my superpower is… now I want to know yours! Find out the super-sleuth details & enter HERE.Good luck!


SpyGal’s very own butt-kickin’ superpower!

CKT: Can you leave us with one piece of advice for all our gorgeous Benebabes?

SG: Don’t ever leave the house without the POREfessional! You never know what kind of dirtbags you’re going to have to fight out there, so always leave primed!

Thanks SpyGal! And thanks to YOU, Benebabe, for reading!

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