The Glam Gatsby

We can’t decide what we’re more obsessed with: waist-length pearl strands, art deco design, a bold 1920s lip, Leonardo DiCaprio? No wait, that’s easy. The wait for “The Great Gatsby” premiere has been killing us (that tease last year was just mean), which means that, yes, we have tickets to the midnight showing. JUDGE US. Anyone who’s ever read about the 1920s knows that the excitement & mystery of the decade is as enticing as imagining Leo in a suit… yep, just went there again. BUT it’s the truth. Between the costume design, the cast and the impecable beauty that lies in the midst of its creation, we’re clearly beyond excited for the premiere.

Lights! Camera! Red Lips!

Which is why we’ll be prepping for the midnight showing with our own 1920s-inspired beauty look, of course. Our new Core Color collection packaging—inspired by the design of the Golden Gate Bridge—truly nails it with the art deco theme, which happens to be a perfect starter for getting us inspired for this look.

The Core Color collection, inspired by 1920s San Francisco.

Step 1:  Start with a moisturized face prepped with hello flawless oxygen wow brightening foundation for the ultimate butter-esque skin. Prime your eye with a little stay don’t stray so your look will last through the whole night.

Step 2: Grab your creaseless creams & longwear powder shadows! Start with call my bluff!; dab from your lash line all the way up to your brow line for a creamy smooth lid. Next, take my two cents to the outer corner of your eye, brushing toward the inner corner. Apply it with a heavy hand for those speakeasy-worthy bronze highlights. Then, brush skinny jeans into the outer corner of your eye and take a hard angle definer brush to sweep it across your top and bottom lash line for a smokey liner effect. Lastly, finish with they’re real! for dramatic lashes.

1, 2, 3 for speakeasy-worthy eyes.


Step 3: That red lip! Grab your benetint, gorgeous, & apply, apply, apply! The more generous you are with benetint, the brighter & bolder your red lip will be.

There it is! We may not have costumes to wear to the premiere, but let’s be honest, we’ll never compete with Leo in a suit. See you at the theater, darling!