Get Your Benefitness On!

Ok, so summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21. But the feeling of summer—the excitement that surrounds alfresco activities & longer days—starts the minute the weather warms up. Which, thank you very much weird ocean patterns, starts early in San Francisco. It’s absolutely gorgeous outside today & that makes us think of two things: wearing less clothing & playing hooky to hit the beach. And since we love our jobs (we’re just sick, we promise, wink), let’s focus on the former: feeling & looking fab for summer.

Our kinda Benefit gym bag—minis & a pink water bottle!

As residents of SF, there are plenty of ways to stay active outside—hiking in Marin, biking the Golden Gate Bridge, walking up hills in 5-inch heels. You know, the usual. But if finding options to work out is easy, fitting them into our busy schedules is hard. Sometimes, in order to stay healthy & look drop-dead gorgeous in tanks, we fit a workout in between life’s daily routines. Before a morning commute? Sure! During a lunch break at work? You betcha! Instead of happy hour? Sad but true. The question then is: How does your beauty routine change with your workout routine?

We decided to ask our beauty experts here at Benefit for tips & tricks to be active and attractive. Here are some product recommendations for whichever workout woman you are:

The Wake & Shaker
If hitting the snooze button is not your daily downfall, you’re a better person than us. And we commend you. If you’re getting your benefitness on in the a.m., your beauty routine should be minimal. Start with a fresh face (you washed your makeup off last night, right gorgeous?) and dab on moisture prep toning lotion with a cotton ball before your workout. After sweatin’ to the oldies (or Rihanna), splash your face with cool water & then apply total moisture facial cream. If you’re headed straight to the office, lose the weight of your normal makeup bag by carting around minis of your favorite products. From benetint to they’re real!, the compact sizes fit perfectly into your gym bag.

Skincare goes mini! A portable version of total moisture & more.

The Salad Barre Betty
There’s a certain kind of gal who can work out during her lunch break & return completely unscathed. Like fresh as a daisy. Needless to say, we’re pretty envious. If you get your benefitness on during your lunch break, your focus is on two things: keeping your beauty routine short & looking refreshed after a high-intense sweat session. Cut down on makeup application time by not removing your makeup—even if you shower quickly. The key is applying stay don’t stray in the morning to keep your shadows & concealers put—and swiping on BADgal waterproof (and sweatproof) mascara. If you need to freshen up your powder or foundation, spritz on ultra radiance facial rehydrating mist & then reapply as normal (trust it, it won’t cake).

The stay-put primer—perfect for lunchtime workouts.

Miss Lemon Drop & Give Me Ten
If you’re more apt to swap a cocktail for a crossfit class (at least sometimes), then a post-work sweat session is your jam. But what if your next destination is a dinner date? Then you need high-impact products that can transform your look from day to dance class to night. Post-workout, remember to spritz on ultra radiance facial rehydrating mist for an instantly fresh canvas. Then, reshape & set your brows with brow zings. Add some color with benetint on cheeks and lips. And finally finish off with they’re real!—the dramatic black mascara that’s totally layerable. Hotness meets fitness!

The reapplication secret: a spritz of ultra radiance facial mist.

Want to learn how to apply your beauty products post-workout? Learn from the pros! We’re hosting two parties with Physique 57 on May 20 & 21. Register here in LA and here in NYC to get a complimentary Physique 57 class followed by champagne and make-uppers at Benefit Cosmetics in Soho. This time you can have your happy hour and health.

Whistle while you workout, Benebabe!