NEW stay flawless 15-hour primer…time to go longer!

What time is it? It’s FLAWLESS time!

Time is valuable, time is money–so tick tock to it! We’re here to introduce you to our latest beauty time saver, stay flawless 15-hour primer!

Give ’em something to tick-tock about!

A quick 15-second application of this innovative makeup magnet will lock on your foundation for 15 flawless hours. So once you lock on your foundation in the AM with this long-wearing primer… you’ll still be lookin’ fresh faced and flawless in the PM (or vice versa for you BADgals).

it’s flawless time!

Since we’re all about instant beauty solutions, let flawless work overtime for you and get the most out of your foundation. Cut back on the need for touch-ups with stay flawless 15-hour primer — it’s the perfect primer for weddings & special occasions. Here’s some tips on how to use it…

here's how to stay flawless!





The translucent, lightweight formula glides on smoothly, then acts like a magnet to instantly-lock on foundation. And the results say it all…

94% said it helps foundation last longer*

97% saw an improvement in the look of skin/complexion*

94% said it increased foundation coverage*

97% said it enhanced foundation’s performance*

*Results observed in a consumer panel survey when worn with hello flawless liquid foundation & powder.


go longer…stay flawless!

So until we figure out a way to turn back the clock, for now we have a way to make time stand still for that fabulously flawless face of yours.

“Cuckoo! It’s flawless time.”

So what time is it, gorgeous? It’s flawless time!! Don’t forget it ;)