Primed for Success with Birchbox Founder Katia!

Crazy-busy schedule? We totally hear you! Whether you’re juggling meetings or man-candy (or both!), we know you need your makeup to last. Birchbox co-founder Katia Beauchamp has a super busy schedule, too, and does everything in style—from grabbing a breakfast taco to hula-hooping with her teammates to sipping a post-work cocktail with friends. Which is why she’s a fan of our new 15-hour primer, stay flawless! Can you say makeup magnent? This gem will keep your makeup on from meetings ’til midnight, for a no-fuss, flawless look!



Watch Katia’s busy day here:

It get’s better! We’re giving away $250 worth of products, including stay flawless! To enter, share a photo on Instagram or Twitter that shows how you stay flawless despite the craziness in your life. Whether it’s the venti coffee that gets you through back-to-back meetings or a swipe of your favorite confidence-boosting red lipstick—tag your pics with #Birchbox and #StayFlawless to enter! Details here.

AND! Don’t forget to join us + Birchbox at 1 p.m. on 7/10/13 for a special Stay Flawless Twitter Chat all about primers & foundations! Just follow the #AskBenefit conversation & find out more here. xo