Thirsty Thursday: Summer Skincare Basics

It’s officially July and we’ll be by the pool. BYE! Ok, wait! Before we go, let’s review the most important facts about keeping your skin in the best possible condition through these next (hot & potentially skin-damaging) couple months. We asked around here at Beauty Central & have come to the consensus that skin care is serious business. So we’ve collected two (important) tips on how to prep, hydrate & repeat to make sure your skin gets the moisture it’s craving:


1. Cleanse!
Each one of our cleansers does something different! It all depends on what type of skin you have, but what’s most important over everything is that you never want to over-exfoliate. So many of us think that we want to get extra deep into our skin each time we wash it, when really a lot of the oils our skin produces actually help it stay healthy.

Our foamingly clean facial wash is a one-step wash that effectively cleanses the skin, removing makeup & impurities with just a small amount.

Don’t misunderstand us when we talk about exfoliating. It’s definitely uber important to exfoliate the skin—just be selective about it. Over-exfoliation can cause dryness, and when skin is dry, makeup doesn’t set into your complexion the way it should. Try using our refined finish facial polish for a gentle scrub once a week.

One more important rule is to always take off your makeup before you head to bed. You can definitely do this without water, as well! Our remove it makeup remover is an oil-free solvent that’ll leave your skin feeling hydrated, soft & refreshed.



2. Moisturize!
Nothing is more important than making sure your skin has enough moisture. Whether you have sensitive, oily or dry skin, you never want to skip moisturizing.

But first, prepping your skin before you moisture will smooth and revitalize it. We use moisture prep toning lotion to fully optimize the benefits of moisturizer.

Don’t forget protection! Our triple performing facial emulsion SPF 15 is the perfect lightweight, oil-free formula with SPF that hydrates, protects & comforts. It delivers immediate & long-term hydration that’ll keep your skin quenched.

Last, but definitely not least, is our total moisture facial cream. Talk about a dunk of moisture! This concentrated facial cream will provide you with a ton of hydration. The best part is that it contains our exclusive ultra-moisturizing tri-radiance complex that delivers a healthy radiant complexion.


Cheers to stay hydrated, gorgeous! Now off to the pool. Have more skin care questions? Ask away below!