Double Dutch Your Way to Flawless!

Somedays we have makeup overload here at Beauty Central. What to start with. What brushes to use. Where to put primer, etc. Luckily, there are a few beauty know-it-alls around the office who we can run to with all of our curious beauty questions. We had the chance to sit down with Benefit makeup master José Rivera, and inquired about the big question you’ve all be asking: Can you wear the POREfessional & stay flawless together? The answer? Yes! Here’s what José taught us in a technique he calls the ‘Double Dutch’.

Prepping your skin is most important. Your number one goal is to soften the texture, which you can do by not over-moisturizing or using too much product.

José says: “Get intimate with your skin!” Start by warming up your moisturizer in your hands, then push (or dab) into your skin. This helps you manage how much you’re actually putting on your face. If you put too much moisture on, it will break down the makeup. Feel your skin; in the areas you have more texture is where you want more primer.




Which brings us to… Prime! José’s answer to the golden question, you ask? Of course you can pair the POREfessional & stay flawless together! POREfessional mimics the texture of your skin. Sweep it where you need it: pores, fine lines or wrinkles. (*Remember: start where you’ll put the most product & only apply what’s needed.)

Stay flawless is all about long wear & adhering your makeup to your skin. So you’ll want to put more of it where you’re oily & where you sweat. But remember that LESS is more. José recommends you work stay flawless into your skin in sections, due to fast dry time.

Here’s how to apply the ‘Double Dutch’ technique:
1. Start by applying a thin layer of POREfessional to clean, lightly moisturized skin. Pat lightly from the center of the face outward with fingertips.
2. From the outer ridges of your nose, roll stay flawless downward toward your jawline, going from the direction of where your skin grows, down. Then smooth it out with your finger & make a tapping motion into your skin until its even. Have your foundation ready to apply because stay flawless will dry quickly.
3. Now you’re ready for foundation! If you’re using a sponge, squeeze a small amount onto the top of your hand & absorb it all in the sponge. Press into your skin, fusing your foundation with stay flawless. Start where you need the most coverage and use what’s left everywhere else you need it. You don’t want equal amounts of foundation everywhere, because you don’t need it in every area. Once you start to see the foundation, it’s too much. “You wear the makeup, the makeup shouldn’t wear you!” ~José

More questions for José? Ask below!

Stay flawless, gorgeous!

~José & the Benefit team