Ask an Aesthie: Rosheen in San Francisco

What would you ask if you had 10 minutes with an über-talented Benefit aesthetician? We asked you a few weeks ago and well, gorgeous, we’ve got answers! We sat down with Rosheen Joon from our Sutter Street boutique in San Francisco to find out her favorite products, what’s trending in the beauty world & how she fell head over heels in love with makeup. Read on!



1. What are the best way to hide those pesky acne scars?

Boi-ing is the best industrial strength concealer! Try dabbing on a bit after applying your foundation to avoid it rubbing off.


2. How do I get that oh-so-flawless, even skin tone?

A good skincare routine will always be key. My favorite right now is moisture prep. Apply some after exfoliating and after every face wash for extra radiance!


3. Sun spots & freckles are my biggest imperfections—how can I lighten or cover?

Try spot-treating your sun spots (hehe, get it?) with our ever-famous, cream-to-powder foundation, play sticks. As for those freckles… embrace them, gorgeous! When I was little, I would sit in the sun trying to get them. You’re lucky! :)


4. What’s the best way to keep skin hydrated without getting oily in the summer heat & humidity?

Moisture prep will help moisture get absorbed into your skin. Then, lock on your makeup with our 15-hour primer, stay flawless. Say hello to a no-smear face!


5. Summer travel makes it difficult to pick which products I absolutely need. What are the essentials I should bring with me?

My beauty travel must-haves are: benetint, you rebel, the POREfessional and, of course, they’re real! Keep in mind the products you bring may be different than mine, but make sure they’re easy to use & are there for long-lasting wear! Try tinting your lashes and brows before you leave, too… less maintenance for vacation!


6. What’s trending in the beauty world right now?

Big, full brows! My tip? Don’t tweeze! Let them grow back to their natural shape.


7. Speaking of brows… any tips & tricks you can share?

When brushing them with your  Tweezerman for Benefit brow shaping brush, brush up and out. Keeping your brows brushed will make sure they look neat and groomed.


8. Favorite products? Go!

Fakeup, they’re real! & stay flawless. I applied stay flawless before I went in the sauna once, only to come out looking as fresh as I went in!


9. Favorite makeup tip of all time?

When you want to brighten under your eyes, make a triangle with your concealer from each corner of your eye to where your nose ends. Then blend.


10. Last but not least! What made you want to be a beauty artist & why Benefit?

I grew up with a lot of makeup around me. My mom bought be lost of cheap stuff to play with and I eventually learned that it’s easy to enhance what you have. Everyone has their unique qualities, and I wanted to help people see that. Why Benefit? What other brand makes you feel giddy when leaving the shop? Each product is made for every age and every lifestyle. We make it easy to feel and look beautiful. I love it!


Have more questions for our BA’s? Ask away in the comments below! xo