Ask an Aesthie: Dalia

Here it is again, Benebabes! We can’t tell you enough how much we love our boutiques, let alone the beauties who work in them! After sitting down with Rosheen in the new Sutter St. location in San Francisco (just blocks from Beauty Central HQ), we just had to go back & interview her lovely coworker. So, we sat down with Dalia & picked her brain about fall trends, avoiding dry skin and why she loves makeup!




We’re SO worried about the cooler weather drying out our skin. Any tips on how to stay moisturized?
A great way to stay moisturized is by adding a dime size of moisture prep toning lotion to your daily moisturizer, as well as to your body lotion right after the shower. The moisture prep will help purify the skin & help reduce fine lines that can be caused by dry skin. The aloe and yeast extract will soothe and clarify the skin as well, which makes this my definite go-to product for fall.


We always love switching up our makeup routine for the different seasons. If you could choose any 6 products for fall, what would they be?
Hello flawless oxygen wow mixed with moisture prep toning lotion to start! Then, I’m a sucker for a dewy look, even in the colder weather; watts up & rockateur add the perfect rose-gold glow. Ultra radiance facial re-hydrating mist has sodium hylaronate, which works as a powerful hydrating agent and is capable of holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water. This will really help keep your products from disappearing throughout the day. And last, but of course not least, they’re real, which I obviously can’t leave the house without.


Tips & tricks for achieving perfect brows?
Brush the brows upwards with your tweezerman brow shaping brush, then use gimme brow—our new volumizing brow fiber gal—for a soft finish. Use our instant brow pencil if you’re looking for a little more definition… this will help add more color your brows.


After seeing all the looks from fashion week, which was your favorite trend?
Highlighters and Illuminators. Watts up gives our customers that dewy, sun-kissed look all day long. Add a little posietint on the apples of your cheeks before and you’ll get the color and highlight payoff without the powdery look.



Favorite makeup tip of all time?
Adding foundation to your lashes before applying mascara. This will act as your primer and adds volume to your lashes. Every time I do this, people are always asking if I am wearing falsies. Works like a charm.


What made you want to be a beauty artists & why Benefit?
I started with Benefit in 2008. A friend of mine told me they were hiring and I jumped at the opportunity to work with makeup, who wouldn’t? I have always been interested in why we put certain products on our face and what the outcome will be. I have been using hoola and dandelion since high school, so I knew what the brand was and loved the marketing. The fact that it could be for any age and still look presentable was a plus for me. You are constantly working with new faces and it’s always a new routine. I love helping women enhance their beauty!


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