Brow Myth #1: Tinting!

We just can’t seem to get enough of brows right now & we know you’re filled with questions! Like… how will brows enhance my face shape? What services do you offer? Can’t I just live in a Benefit boutique?

We’re here to relieve some of your BROW-worries, gorgeous. From waxing to filling, tinting to tweezing, Benefit turns your brow woes into WOWs. We have over 900 Brow Bars worldwide & innovative brow products to help you achieve fast, fabulous, flattering arches, NOW.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be addressing 3 of our most important brow services we offer: brow mapping, waxing and, to start, brow tinting.




What is it: To make brows appear bigger and bolder, begin with our signature Brow Arch & Tint service. Our aestheticians will start with a consultation to make sure you feel confident in what your brows will look like. Then, we’ll mix a custom-blended color just for you that enhances even the finest hairs, everywhere. Next, they’ll use our iconic brow-mapping technique to define a shape that will help you put your best face (and brow) forward.

Why we love it: It’s like waking up with makeup on! Get those full, natural brows you’ve always wanted with a hint of tint. You’ll go from barely-there brows to full & flattering “wow brows” in minutes.

How long does it take: Surprisingly, it doesn’t take as long as you think! You arch expert can tint your brows between 4-6 minutes.

Biggest fear: Everyone’s biggest fear about tinting is going too dark. With our custom-blended tint made specifically for you, the vegetable-based temporary dye sits on your brows for only 1-2 minutes, leaving you with perfectly rich, translucent color. If you want them darker, there’s always a chance to add more dye. Our brow expert will be sure to take the best care possible for your brows—so no need to fret!


To finish your look, press and sweep gimme brow, our volumizing brow-fiber gel, through the hairs to build both texture and volume.


If there’s anything you think we missed, asked below in the comments! xo