Brow Myth #2: Waxing!

More brows? Yes, please! We’re tackling all your brow myths and this time we’re giving you more than one reason for getting a brow wax at your nearest Benefit Brow Bar. It’s the best idea since hydrating crease-control concealer…just sayin’.


Over the years brows have evolved from skinny to thick, polished to untamed, dark to light; the list goes on. But in order to get the best brow for your face, well waxed brows are always in order. And let’s not forget, brows frame the windows to our souls.



Why should you get your brows waxed? A Benefit brow wax can do a number of things to your overall look, from instantly opening the entire eye area (go ahead, show off those pretty peepers), to creating a well-groomed frame for the face.


Is there a universal brow shape that flatters every woman? Absolutely not! In order to find your most flattering shape, Benefit arch experts consult with you before the service begins. We don’t believe in stencils or cookie-cutter brows. After all, you’re one in a million and your eyebrows should be too!


What’s the difference between waxing & tweezing and which service is the best for you? A Benefit brow wax is the fastest way to look polished and pretty. But for those who find their skin a bit more sensitive, we can tweeze you to eyebrow excellence. Using our iconic Brow-Mapping technique, we tweeze to please at every Brow Bar and Boutique location… one hair at a time.


Biggest Fear: We’ve heard them all: from burnt skin, to missing eye brows, to razors near brows. NO. So much no. That’s where we come in. Fill ’em, wax ’em…Benefit tames to please! Our Benefit Aestheticians are specially trained to provide the best service and will make sure your brows are handled with care from start to finish!


Do you have more brow waxing questions!? Ask away below! xo