Ask an Aesthie: Amanda

It’s another installment of Ask an Aesthie—just in time for any Monday morning blahs! You might remember the last few months we sat down with Rosheen & Dalia, but this time we headed down to our boutique on Fillmore St. here in San Francisco to meet with the lovely Amanda Storey! She dishes on her holiday favorites, what inspires her beauty routine & how she came to be a Benebabe. Read more below!




What inspires your daily makeup look?
Every day it’s different! I am inspired by runway fashion, silver screen movie stars, old photos and the beauty of San Francisco. Pinterest is my favorite beauty tool, I have an entire board called “A new girl every day,” and I am constantly pinning makeup inspiration. My daily challenge is to never ever replicate a makeup look.


What’s your favorite fall beauty trend?
Bold lips, bold brows and beautiful velvety skin.


Top 3 Benefit products you can’t live without?
Don’t make me choose!?!

1. Gimme brow  I use both light and dark, depending on the day.

2. Stay flawless 15-hour primer I apply it in the morning, put on my makeup and never touch-up again. It’s amazing.

3. Hervana I use it every single day. It is my perfect blush.


What kind of simple beauty look do you recommend for the fast-approaching holiday?
Always take care of your skin first! I love the triple performing facial emulsion lotion, it’s lightweight, contains SPF and is oil free. Next, I would spot conceal around the eyes and any imperfections with fakeup. This hydrating crease-control concealer is virtually undetectable, even in natural light! Put a dash of high brow under the highest point in the brow arch and lightly blend in, add a sweep of gimme brow. Draw a stripe of benetint on the apples of the cheeks and lips, then blend…quickly! Swipe watt’s up! soft-focus highlighter on the tops of cheekbones and across eye lids. Load up on they’re real! mascara and finish with dare me hydra-smooth lip color. It’s a fresh-faced, modern holiday look!


What’s the proper way to apply a highlighter?
Highlighters should be applied to features you want to highlight! Pat high beam onto the tops of cheekbones for instantly radiant skin. Blend a stripe of watt’s up! down the center of the nose to slim it. Dab a bit of sun beam on the cupid’s bow to create a sexy, pouty lip. I am addicted to our highlighters!


Name 3 eye shadows that are a must-have for holiday parties?
1. Call my buff longwear powder shadow — This shade is matte, brightening and sophisticated.

2. Quick look busy longwear powder shadow — The darkest matte brown! It is so multi-functional. Use it in the crease for a smokey eye. Wet an angled brush and line your eyes with it. Use it all over the lid for a mega-sultry 1920’s inspired eye look.

3. RSVP creaseless cream shadow —A beautiful champagne cream shadow that you can smear on with your fingers, so easy!

Do you prefer a lipstick or heavy eye look?
Lipstick today, heavy eye tomorrow and both the next day!


Tell us a hobby outside of makeup?
I draw, paint, sew, dance, model, take photos, blog, karaoke (although I am not a good singer) and daydream.


Best way to stay moisturized for the coming fall months?
Drink water, total moisture facial cream and ultra radiance facial re-hydrating mist, all day long.


What made you want to be a Beauty Artist and why Benefit?
I didn’t choose beauty, beauty chose me. When I was 4 years old my grandma caught me drawing cat-eyes on the women in her Ladies Home Journal magazine. She grabbed the Sharpie from my hands and demanded to know why I was doing this. I answered quite seriously “because they look better” so I knew from an early age that makeup was my art. I have been with Benefit for 12 years and 9 months. I love this brand because it makes me smile. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and at the end of the day makeup should be fun, not a chore. I don’t actually work. I just play with makeup all day.


Have more questions for Amanda? Ask below! xo