Need a #JingleBoost?

Ho, ho, holidays, Benebabes! ‘Tis the season for good cheer as well as a snow-covered mountain of stress. Finding a parking spot at the mall? Dealing with flight delays? Listening to another story about Aunt June’s cats? No, no and no.

But this year, since you’ve been so hottie or nice, the elves at Beauty Central are here to brighten your days with instant holiday pick-me-ups. Like this one:


How do you get these warm & fuzzy holiday compliments? Simply tweet at @BenefitBeauty with the #JingleBoost hashtag, and wait for a mood-boosting surprise. It’s like #BeautyBoost on Christmas Day, except without the wrapping paper mess.


So, the next time you’re stuck in line at the cash register or burn the family ham—we’ve got your back, girl. Here’s to feeling beautiful (and staying zen) this holiday season. xo