Happy #BeneFriday!

Why must we call Black Friday, Black Friday? We hereby dub this year’s Friday after Thanksgiving BeneFriday! We’re filling it with the most wonderful giveaways of the year & you don’t want to miss out.

Remember that advent calendar that was limited edition & sold out in seconds!? We know, gorgeous, beyond frustrating that you didn’t get one, but that’s where we come in! We’re giving you 10 different chances to win your very own! *Cue screaming excitement here*



What must you do to get this one-of-a-kind beauty treasure in your hands by next week!? Here’s the deal: we’re giving away 5 on our Instagram & 5 on our Facebook page, AND $100 worth of product with each calendar. Like. OMG. #beautychristmas #yourewelcome



All you need to do is repost the photo & tag @BenefitCosmetics $ #BeneFriday (FYI –you can repost 10 times between 11/29-11/30, but don’t make your friends hate you with a bunch of makeup spam ;) you’ll thank us later)—that’s it! You’re in!

We’ll pick 5 winners at random & overnight the Countdown to Love advent calendars straight to you by 12/3. It sounds like a pretty good deal to us, so get Instagramming!

Most importantly, make sure you read the Terms & Conditions. ‘Tis better to be over informed than under, gorgeous!


Leave a comment on this post [link here] with why you love Benefit & we’ll select the winner based on how creative your response is. Think packaging, fake-its, fix-its, etc., and then multiply that x100 and let your clever, beauty-inspired thoughts spill!

As soon as we pick 5 winners, we’ll announce the winner on Facebook & send the Countdown to Love calendars straight to you by 12/3. Deal?

Again, knowledge is power. Read the full Terms & Conditions for Facebook here.

Any other questions, gorgeous? Ask away below & best of beauty luck! xo