Fake Those Cheekbones—Fast!

Nothing screams sugar like the holidays. And you know where that ends up… right on our cheeks (more likely our hips, but we’d like to pretend otherwise). This year, we’ll be eating all the cookies and sugarplums we want & FINE, maybe a salad here & there, but let’s not push it with healthy.

Instead of trying to suck it in during family photos, or selfies with the BF or BFFs, we’ve decided we’re going to put our makeup skills to the test. Here’s our 3 favorite products for contouring in all the right places for the holidays:



With step-by-step instructions of how to apply:

Step 1: 

Fine-one-one to the rescue! This sheer, brightening color will give your cheeks that instant lift they’ve been waiting for. Glide on the three shades from the apples of your cheeks to the sides. Lift, shape and pop!


Step 2: 

Glow…you can never have enough glow. Dab high beam on your foundation brush and press into the highest point of your cheekbone (up toward your temple). Then, blend down toward your nose to the apple of your cheek. Next, dab the brush on the bridge of your nose & cupid’s bow for the perfect dewy, radiant luminescence!


Step 3: 

Last, but most important: hoola! This is where the magic of contouring happens. Let’s not go overboard here, gorgeous. Remember, it is the beginning of December, but know that you’ll need enough so you can see the difference in photos. Using your blush brush, dab it into the powder & then tap the brush on the side of the box, making sure you can’t see any loose powder left on the brush. Next, suck in your cheeks like a fishy & sweep the brush in the motion of the number three, starting above your brows, under your cheekbones & to the bottom of your jaw line. Repeat as many times as you think necessary!


There you have it. Fake it in a flash! Then there’s more time for cookies (wink, wink)!


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