Our Ultimate BeneWishList!

We’re making our lists & checking ’em twice around Beauty Central! We asked some of our resident Benebabes what would be on their ultimate BeneWishList!



Here’s what they had to say:

“I’m obsessed with my brows, but I wish they weren’t so skimpy! Brow zings allows me to fake the perfect pair of arches… everything I need to create a full and defined look into one portable kit! Next would be they’re real! In December, your social calendar really stacks up & you always want to be looking your best. False lashes just take too much time to apply and let’s be serious… by the end of the night they are barely hanging on! I avoid the beauty blunder and reach straight for they’re real! The brush allows me to create long, defined lashes and the jet-black formula creates a bold, dramatic look. No falsies needed!” — Alyssa, HSN Account Manager


“My go-to highlighter is always watt’s up! I’m pretty illumi-less without it.” — Darin, Assistant Marketing Manager a.k.a. cheekygal


“My ultimate Benefit wish list would be higher cheekbones & glowing skin—without even trying! So I would love triple performing facial emulsion face lotion, watt’s up! and benetint on my cheeks & lips for the ultimate holiday look.”  — Jill, VP of North America Education


Dandelion ultra plus lip gloss—smells yummy without the calories and, of course, ultra radiance facial re-hydrating mist throughout the day to refresh and wake up!” — Florence a.k.a. Hustle & Flo, Senior Legal Administrator


“An endless supply of POREfessional! A beauty artist to apply my makeup everyday wouldn’t hurt either.” — Stephanie a.k.a Help Desk Diva, Desktop Support Tech


Hoola, it’s a miracle worker, especially in these winter months!” — Emily, Associate Digital Marketing Manager


What’s on your BeneWishList, gorgeous!? Tell us in the comments below!