Join the Inner Beauty Challenge!

Instead of focusing on superficial New Year’s resolutions, in 2014 we’re resolving to focus more on our INNER BEAUTY. Besides, it’s what really counts—a more beautiful you starts from the inside out. So we’ve partnered with the Love is Louder movement to host a 7-day challenge from January 13-19 that’s all about celebrating what it means to be more fulfilled & empowered in your heart. And to help spread the message, we’ve joined forces with your fave celebs & beauty vloggers! Check out the video, gorgeous:


What is Love is Louder, you ask!?
The Love is Louder movement works online and in communities to make us all feel more connected, empowered, supported and prepared to help friends who may be struggling emotionally. Love is Louder is a project of The Jed Foundation, co-founded by Brittany Snow, and is amplifying the message that love and support are louder than any internal or external voice that brings us down.


Tell me more about the Inner Beauty Challenge!
Simple, positive actions make a huge difference in how we see ourselves & deal with the ups and downs of life. So we’ve partnered with Love is Louder, beauty vloggers & your favorite celebs to create a 7-day challenge full of laughter, love and living out loud… and we want YOU to participate. Get involved & let your inner beauty shine for a good cause and for a chance to win Benefit Cosmetics prizes! We’ll select one participant at random each day to win a fabulous goodie bag.


How do I participate?
Visit to view the day’s challenge & prize. You can either upload a photo/video via this site or tag #innerbeauties and the day’s hashtag on Instagram or Twitter.


What does “inner beauty” mean to Annie Ford-Danielson, Benefit’s global beauty authority?
“Inner beauty is all about being confident, kind and playful. A woman who has confidence is unstoppable—for me confidence allows me to brush off the things that may get me down and to embrace compliments that are given to me. Kindness is a huge part of inner beauty, when we are able to think outside of ourselves and help others when they are in need, it’s a beautiful thing. Lastly, women who can play are always the most beautiful, they don’t take themselves too seriously and have fun with life!


Get involved at & start living out loud in 2014!