Ask an Aesthie: Auriana

It’s been a while, Benebabes, & we sincerely apologize! We’ve been so wrapped up in Under the Gunn, big easy, LeSportsac… the list goes on!

But we’re back in action with our Ask an Aesthie! In case you need a refresh, so far we’ve sat down with Amanda, Rosheen & Dalia. This month, we’re featuring Auriana—Auri if she’s feelin’ flirty (wink, wink)—from our Chestnut St. boutique here in the lovely San Francisco. Below she spills about her favorite brow tips, how to combat dry skin & much more!



What inspires your daily makeup look? 

Music and current trends, as well as always looking fresh, presentable and professional.

What is your favorite gloomy day trend? 

Deep wine colors for lips, cheeks, eyes & nails.

What’s your most favorite & newest product from Benefit? 

Agent zero shine! Everyone can benefit from it and it’s a perfect top layer.

What’s the number one question (or complaint!) you get from customers during the dry, cold months?

How to combat & soothe dry skin! I always suggest using total moisture and ultra radiance facial re-hydrating mist to de-stress the skin.

How do you recommend achieving the perfect Benefit brow? 

First, start by visiting your local Benefit Brow Bar & your favorite aesthie for monthly upkeep—it’s an absolute must. Second, I definitely recommend brow mapping. Once you see how brows can perfectly frame your face, you’re sure to always keep them in check.

Do you mix tints together? Which ones? Tell us your secrets!

YES! Chachatint and posietint for a hot vibrant pink. If you’re feeling frisky, throw on some hydra-smooth lip color in dare me with bella bamba ultra-plush gloss for the perfect hot red lip!

Which box o’ powder do you recommend going into spring? 

Coralista for a perfect tropical flush!

Tell us a hobby outside of makeup.

Music! I love going to live shows and keeping up-to-date with the latest music.

What’s your skin care regimen? 

Morning and night I cleanse my skin with our foamingly clean facial wash, then saturate a cotton round with moisture prep toning lotion for extra balance on my skin. I finish with total moisture and, of course, fight those dark circles with it’s potent! eye cream.

Last, but not least—What makes you want to be a beauty artist & why Benefit?

I like to call it a beauty therapist. I chose this industry and Benefit because I love making people feel good about themselves. At Benefit, laughter is the best cosmetic & looking good is the best revenge. Can’t go wrong with that!


Have more questions for our aethies? Ask away in the comments below! Until next time. xo