4 Last-Minute Gifts for Mom!

One day really isn’t enough to recognize all those amazing mothers in our lives. Whether it’s your own mom, or a leading lady that has had significant impact in your life, they really do always know best and deserve the best. Especially after putting up with our attitudes, hair changes and love lives (or lack there of) for this long!

You know what else moms deserve? Some sweet treats! Who doesn’t love a little surprise & delight… We’ve put together a few fun gift ideas for all types of mothers in your life!


Mom On The Run:

When she only has 10 minutes between breakfast and running out the door, this set is perfect. Heck, she could even give herself a quick eye mask while cooking breakfast. Give her the tip of a lifetime: Layer it’s potent right above the cheek bone, let it set for 20 minutes and voilá! She’ll instantly get 2+ hours of sleep back. Then sweep gimme brow on those arches, benetint on her lips AND cheeks (double whammy? Yes, please!), a little POREfessional & they’re real! mascara and she’s good to go! Do they give awards out for being this quick?


Glossip Mom:

Neighbor kids, neighbor dogs, neighbors—you name it, she’s talkin’ about it, but of course we love her anyways. Give her something to really talk about with these poppy-pink favorites. Fakeup will conceal any dark circles (or secrets) she’s been hiding lately. Pair that with posietint on the apples of her cheeks and a hint of dandelion for a light pink flush. It’s best not to leave the house without mascara, layer those lashes with they’re real!, pop on some ultra-plush lip gloss in a-lister and she’ll be pink-poppin’ right out of the neighborhood.


Mod Mom:

We really appreciate these BADgal moms. They look at life and they’re like “Yes, I can raise a family & look flawle$$ at the same time!” Wait, is that just Beyoncé? Either way, getting a modern mom look is not as difficult as it sounds. Start by hiding any flaws with a layer of boi-ing, then move right into the eyes. A little longwear powder shadow in kiss me i’m tipsy will provide just the right amount of spice in all the right places. Mod Mom needs BADgal mascara, duh, two or three sweeps should do the trick! Finish with rockateur on the cheek bones and fling thing on the lips—then move aside, ’cause you do not want to get in her way.


Hawt Mom:

Now, we’re not talking TanMom here, we’re talking Hawt Mom, a.k.a. likes to soak up the sun on lunch breaks mom. Dream screen, our new invisible silky-matte sunscreen, will instantly become her new favorite. Then layer big easy all over for maximum SPF protection, while balancing moisture & controlling oil. Turn up the tan with chachatint on her lips & cheeks, contour with hoola under her cheek bones and jaw line, then minimize the shine with agent zero shine and soak up the sun!



Since we’re running so close to the big day, (did someone say procrastinator? Don’t feel bad, it’s our middle name), just pop into your nearest Benefit location & grab these goodies in a sinch! And while you’re there, make sure you pick something up for yourself too ;)