5 Years in the Making, REAL Innovation!

Five years in the making, they’re real! push-up liner solves one of the biggest beauty dilemma of all time: lining your eyes. That’s right! There’s now a product that makes eyeliner EASY TO USE. (We heard your #LinerCrimes loud & clear, gorgeous.)


SOC14_TARLiner_Tip (1)


Our product development team traveled far and wide, working with the best technology & laboratories around the world to eliminate this big dilemma. The shape & design of the tip, the ergonomic shape of the body & even the micro-controlled dose of the formula were created with the intention of gliding across your eye with ease. We got ahold of our EVP of Global Product Marketing, Julie Bell’s scrapbook that she has been carrying around for years! It’s full of secrets and tricks about why they’re real! push-up liner really is the next BIG thing. Ready to learn the WHY behind this true game-changer?


Let’s start with the obvious: everyone has different eyes, duh! But everyone also has the same goal when applying eyeliner—to make their eyes appear sexier & bigger. Julie’s team found that—with all eye shapes—getting closer to the lash line gives you those stunning, big-eye results.



Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before!? (*mind explodes*)

The resulting feature—the super-innovative AccuFlex™ tip—makes it beyond easy to get close to the lash line. Its soft & angled material allows the gel formula to glide onto the curve of your eyelid with ease, creating maximum control from every angle. The flat, wide guard pushes your lashes out of the way, making it easier than ever to get close to your lash line. And the wide base provides a more stable application to get a perfectly straight line every time. Can you say GENIUS!?

Check out some of the sketches—only a few of dozens—that show how many iterations it took to get right:




Now another problem to address: the difficulties of using liners currently on the market. Wooden pencils smudge & wear off. Cake eyeliner is messy & time-consuming. Liquid liner looks shiny & it’s a b•tch to use. Gel liner in a pot needs a brush & it’s impossible to apply on-the-go. Felt tips dry out. THE LIST GOES ON!

So we decided to create the first-ever gel liner in a pen. You get the rich, black formula of gel in the convenience of a pen! O.M.G. Here’s another page from Julie’s scrapbook to show how they found the best formula ever. Oh, did we also mention that it’s smudge-proof, matte black, long-lasting AND waterproof. Seriously, this liner isn’t going anywhere. We’ve even tested it by spraying water on our face—can you say “hellllo, summer!” because now we can hit the beach or pool with eyeliner and not look like a fool after coming up from the water.




It’s not just about being soft or gliding across your eyelid, gorgeous. Every shape, every design and every material was built with intention. If you’re not ready to try this yet, we’re not sure how else we can convince you. Tell us in the comments below why you’re most excited about they’re real! push-up liner !