Full Moon Double Wing

Mercury is finally out of retrograde and a full moon is upon us tonight. After all the ups & downs of our horoscopes (& feelings) this past month, we’re ready to start the new cycle of the moon with a fresh beauty step. We’ll be channeling our inner winged-out goddess tonight using our they’re real! push-up liner. This daring look is all about attracting [the right kind of] attention, and its matte-black formula gives this look an instant artistry touch. We bet you can fool everyone into thinking you’re a makeup artist!




Dare to Go Double?

 1. Draw a thin, even line along the lower lash line, angling the tip up & out at the outer corner of your eye.



2. Draw a thick line along the upper lash line



3. Wing it out at the exact same angle as the lower lash line.



4. Ooh la la! A daring double wing in no time.



Now get out there and knock ’em dead… figuratively speaking, of course ;)