Day to Night Cat Eyes w/ Viva Luxury

Listen, we get it. You’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed with all this talk about they’re real! push-up liner. We feel you 100%—so we thought we’d bring in an outsider! Annabelle is the fashion genius behind Viva Luxury, one of our very favorite blogs. Since she is a cat-eye master, we asked her to do a review about our ever-famous, new eyeliner. She did that & beyond. Take a peek at her flawless looks & read below!



If you read my blog on regular basis, you may know that when it comes to make up, I generally prefer a more natural look. That is of course with one major exception, i.e. my can’t-live-without cat-eye liner look! In fact, I am so addicted to it, I don’t think I have ever left the house without it within the past few years. Seriously, even when I am sporting a pair of sunnies, it is always there with me:) Perhaps because I wear it so often, I get a lot of questions about the techniques I use to apply my eye liner. 


Though, applying an eye liner may seem like an intimidating task at first, it is actually very easy to do. The first and most important thing is the product you use, because naturally, not all eye liners are created equal. Since, I’ve been using eye liner pretty much every day for the past few years, I got to try quite a few different ones. Few of them I liked, others I just couldn’t deal with, but I certainly didn’t find my favorite until I got the opportunity to test Benefit‘s they’re real! push-up liner



Day vs Night:


Though some people recommend applying eye liner by drawing a series of dots and then connecting them, I prefer to draw an even line across the lash line and once I reach the outer corner, angle the tip and draw another line towards the brow, creating a winged out look. Next, depending on the intensity I am looking for, I fill in and thicken the liner a bit. For day, I usually go for a more natural look, so I tend to apply the liner closer to the lash line and extend the corners very slightly for just a hint of the cat eye look. But for night, I definitely favor the more dramatic look, so I thicken the line above the lashes and extend the line way beyond the natural outer corner. 



What I like about Benefit They’re Real !  push-up liner:


Normally, it takes a few coats to achieve the intense black I am looking for, but with Benefit, I was able to achieve the desired color with just one coat. Another pet peeve of mine, is trying to get the liner as close to the lash line as possible. Usually, I have to go back a few times to fill out the little gaps, but I did not experience this problem with Benefit. The liner glided perfectly right over the base of my lashes leaving no visible gaps. Finally, when it comes to eye liner, longevity is important to me. I absolutely hate having to worry about smudges or fading color. Once again, Benefit liner lasted all day and the color looked just as intense as it did in the morning. And that is always a good thing!:) 




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