Ask an Aesthie: Athina

Happy July, Benebabes! We hope you’re thoroughly enjoying summertime. After we popped into our Fillmore boutique last week for a little brow break, we ran into one aesthie who’s been with our company for 25 years! Can you believe that!? Talk about an original Benebabe! There was no other choice than to pick her brain about makeup & how far she’s come. Read her interview below…



First of all, congrats on 25 years at Benefit! What made you want to be a beauty artist & why Benefit in the first place? 

Having the privilege to work with founders Jean & Jane Ford, I was able to learn a lot from the very beginning. The early days really taught me about how important it is to treat the customer & my co-workers with not only trust, but mutual respect. It may seem like a party from the outside, but customer service comes first!


Any popular trends with your clients these days?

I’m not kidding—every customer that sits in my chair wants full brows and long lashes.


What are your favorite tips & tricks to avoid dry skin in the summer? 

Hydration is essential! Exfoliate with refined finish facial polish, follow with ultra radiance facial re-hydrating mist, then finish with total moisture. It’s also important to keep your face protected with dream screen, our new silky-matte broad spectrum SPF 45 sunscreen. Outside of skincare—opt for water instead of soda. Your body (& skin) will thank you later!


Any summer beauty essentials you can’t live without?

A hat & my favorite pair of sunglasses are a must. I also always keep an aloe vera plant in my kitchen—it’s perfect for sunburns. Just snip a stem, slice it down the middle & push with your thumb to release the gel.


What are you favorite Benefit products? 

Total moisture, fakeup, they’re real!, gimme brow & the new hydrating tinted benebalm. Can’t live without them!



Any special tips or tricks for getting the perfect wing with they’re real! push-up liner

For the perfect wing, I start by aligning the pen to the outer corner of your nose. With a light hand, dab a small line, then take your pen and fill in your wing. Repeat on the other side. The best part about this trick is that you get an even wing on both sides!


Best or favorite makeup tip of all time? 

It may sound cliché but a little concealer & foundation go a long way. Add a little self-confidence, and you’re good to go!




There you have it, ladies! Any other questions for Athina? Ask away below! xo