1, 2, 3, Wing!

It’s Friday, it’s Friday! We’re not excited or anything… oh wait, yes we are! Our agenda’s packed for the weekend, but why wait? There’s so much happy hour to be had!

So you know what that means—the last 30 minutes of work we will be re-applying our makeup. Yep. We said it. Let’s take that daytime look into nighttime fab in these 4 simple steps with our very favorite they’re real! push-up liner.


Let’s get wingin’!


1. Start by drawing a thick, even line along your upper lash line from corner to corner.



2. Turn the pen around & draw a wing that follows the angle of your bottom lash line.



3. Then, angle the AccuFlex™ tip along the outer corner by pressing down to create a rectangular shape.



4. Fill it in, slightly angling out the top edge.



Voila! A bold, flattering wing in not time.



Now go out there and drink those drinks, gorgeous!


Need a little extra help? Watch the full video here: