Back to Beauty School!

There’s something about heading back to school that makes us nostalgic for the days of being on campus. Is there anything better than starting a fresh planner or notebook with crisp, clean pages? (We’re looking at you, Trapper Keeper™.) Or having a legitimate reason to stock up on Beyonce’s back to school bundle? And get our post-summer makeup game back to a #flawless fall status for the first day of class? THE BEST. What’s not the best, though? Those 8 a.m. Friday morning classes (oof). Here are 3 easy-to-use (beauty) school supplies for when you accidentally on purpose over-snooze.




1. Art Class — A Pop of Color

Simultaneously running in between classes, checking Twitter and finishing a term paper require expert-level multitasking. Luckily with lollitint, you can have a pop of color on your cheeks and a perfect pout in no time. Our lip & cheek stain is perfect for dabbing and dashing out the door.



2. All Nighter — Conceal The Deal

Now, we know that school isn’t simply about homework and studying for finals. Social events, big games, weekend parties, weeknight parties. So. Many. Parties. What better way to disguise a rowdy night out than with our hydrating concealer, fakeup. Tuck it into your bag & glide it on to hide any signs of a late night. It’s as easy as sharpening a #2 pencil.



3. Flirting 101 — A+ Lashes

Come on, ladies. Who hasn’t had fun killing lecture boredom by catching the eye of a new crush? You’ll need some beyond belief lashes to wink your way into a coffee date. Apply a few coats of they’re real! mascara, and you’ll be guaranteed to get an A+ in Flirtconomics.



Cheers to you, gorgeous students. May your midterms be easy, your collegiate fashion not include wearing pajama pants in public, and your eyeliner be as straight as your As.