All the Single Ladies

Our typical Tuesday night consists of watching reality television with our best girlfriends and enjoying a bottle of wine and/or brownies and/or pizza and/or all of the above. This week, we discovered our newest guilty pleasure: Bravo’s latest creation, The Singles Project. Grab a glass and let the chardo-no-she-didn’t begin!


It’s hard to describe the empathetic joy we get from watching successful, professional, working women (and men) on their televised journeys to find love in New York City. It may be worth noting that many of us here at Benefit are also on this journey, only with 100% less cameras following us around.

As we watched it together last week, we realized that it’s important to have your wing woman at your side as you navigate the wild world of dating. Here are some other things we’re learning from live-tweeting the episode. Internet, you are our dating coach.


What to do if you’re bored on a date:

Count his abs!


Dating fashion pro-tips:

Crop top don't stop!


How to be humble & patient for the right one:

Date me!

How to tell if the guy you’re seeing is nervous:

Nervous much?


How to set high standards for those we date:

We'll take our kobe beef medium rare!


Tune-in to the The Singles Project every Tuesday @ 10/9c only on BRAVO, and a special episode on August 26 (hint: it’s made pretty by yours truly!)—where we’ll be live-tweeting all the romance & ridiculousness. And to all our single sisters: good luck out there!