Coral anything is the perfect summer accessory.

s.w.a.k. (“sealed w/ a kiss”)

My must-have poolside accessory isn’t my favorite carry-all tote or even sunscreen for that matter (but it should be as this fair freckly skin does need it). Rather my ultimate accessory this summer is lipstick! I mean think about it, for practical reasons you can’t have a full face of foundation on and what’s the point of having a perfectly lined eye if it is just going to be covered up by your newly purchased aviators? Lipstick is the perfect way to look classic and coiffed as you lounge in your cabana.

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it's my no makeup makeup look!

power of the picture

After months of being totally stubborn, I decided to take the advice of all the ads that pop up on my Facebook (that happens to everyone right?)... internet dating here I come! Aside from conjuring up witty headlines and walking the fine line between snootiness and total self-deprecation in the horrendous “about me” section, it’s all about the first impression… the profile picture. Fortunately, I work here, so I recruited the help of the oh-so talented Shannon Pirie, national education director for Benefit Cosmetics, to give me her must have tips for taking a flawless photo.

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