go tropiCORAL!

back to beauty school…a lesson with go tropiCORAL

The go tropiCORAL kit is so hot right now! From the runways to the red carpet, coral is undoubtedly this year's hottest color for fashion and beauty.

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And they are both the winners!!

behind the scenes w/ Benefit

Behind the scenes at Benefit with Maggie & Annie Ford Danielson!

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ahhh I feel better already

hello flawless! foundation on HSN

A behind the scenes sneak peak before the premiere of hello flawless oxygen wow liquid foundation!

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Benefit and Korres holiday fun

It’s that time of year!

The holidays are officially here!! H0w do I know that? WE are on HSN, the trees are up and the holiday sets have begun! Maggie and I started our shows last night at HSN and we are having a blast. There is nothing better then selling holiday sets. It gets everyone so excited, and we have so much FUN. Last night we got the party started with a host pick and we shared a set with the KORRES girls... check it out!

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three strokes

how-to…use benetint

Many people know or have heard of our beloved benetint but, many of you out there don't know what the heck it is. People always ask us: What is this? Is this nail polish? How do you use this? Is it for the cheeks? Is it for the lips?

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NEW scent-sation: ring my Bella

I know that I am not supposed to play favorites but there is a NEW addition to our Crescent Row fragrances, Ring My Bella and she is by far my FAVE!

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they're real

are they real???

Maggie and I were just in Tampa for the launch of they're real mascara! I have to say that I am totally addicted to this mascara and it was killing me to not be able to talk about it until now because it is insane! As we were preparing for our first show, I brushed on theyr'e real and it dawned on me!... If I only apply it to one eye and go on air to show the difference then people will really understand just how crazy this mascara is. So I did just that.

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