B.Right!!!! 002

what’s happening in this pic…

After three weeks of using b.right! Radiant Skincare refinished finish facial polish, total moisture facial cream and it's potent! eye cream, Media Darling is... a) literally proving the point that her skin is so radiant she needs a dimmer switch b) showing us her signature party move, which also involves dancing on a table c) taking a fashion cue from our b.right "models" d) all of the above Does anyone have other ideas?

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its potent

an ode to eye cream – PART 1

I, personally, love love love eye cream. Day and night - even if I'm skipping moisturizer or (gasp!) sunscreen, I absolutely require a dose of concentrated moisture around my eyes. After all, a great eye cream drastically decreases puffiness and dark circles, not to mention moisturizes the delicate eye area to slow the appearance of fine lines. Yes, please!

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