lash tinting

the scoop on…brow & lash tinting

The problem is that before the new boutique in SoHo opened, I didn't have any place where I could take part in my ultimate favorite, non-essential, yet totally addicting beauty service...TINTING! Being a brunette I have brown brow and lash hair but of course I want it darker. Enter tinting. If you've never gotten a brow and/or lash tint I can understand the confusion...why not just use mascara and brow product?

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do you suffer from crazy busy brows?

Busy Busy Busy...GO Go Go!!! This seems to be the anthem in the lives of everyone around me. Being busy is far from a bad thing but for some of us (most of us), but it means a few areas of our life suffer a bit. I was having brunch with one of my closest friends last weekend and she went on and on about how CRAZY her life had become over the past few months. Trips abroad, writing a new column, a potential new fling...all pretty amazing things! And then it happened...She pulled down her sunglasses and there they were. Two unrecognizable friends above her big beautiful eyes. I paid our bill and grabbed her hand and we headed in to the Union Square Brow Bar for an emergency brow shape. Brows being the biggest difference you can make on that gorgeous face of yours should NOT be one of those things you just let go. Every Benebabe knows that. So as a little reminder to those out there who haven't headed into a Brow Bar lately, this ones for you...

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beauty dilemma: blonde brows + self-tanner

Spring has sprung, and so has my desire for bronzing in heavy doses! In my experience with self tanners, I have on occasion seen my brow get its faux-glow on...and it aint pretty. No blonde should ever start the trend for the burnished-brow look. I'm not going to blame the tanning culprit because clearly it's my application that needs a lesson or two. And I'll be honest, this is not the first time I have tanned my brows and shall I dare say, revealed other hair-tinted sightings. YIKES. Let's face it, for a blonde, there is no excuse!

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