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train, train, train!

Ever wonder how it is that you can leave a Benefit store with ten products you never knew you needed, but now know you can't live without? The real truth is that Benefit excels at sharing its joy for what we produce and provide. Learning how to share that joy takes place at Benefit Beauty University -- where all manner of training takes place, from sales to makeup application to waxing, for every Benefit employee in the field across the United States.

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publicist action

live from the pink carpet

Last night was a buzz with NYC's bright-eyed and makeup loven' publicists from Fashion Houses to NYC's top PR agencies. It was a full house (and I ain't reffering to Uncle Jessie) of 42 gals gushing over Benefit's makeup heaven. Our guests all went home with more than a just sweet tooth after an evening in this "candy shop" for makeup.

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in-flight west coast beauty-bound

Here's what I bring to make that transition from in-flight geek to office savvy chic: 1.White tailored trench to keep my look fresh and bright. 2.Dark stretch jeans that are super cozy on the plane but appear tres professional in the office. 3.Gray detailed scarf to accessorize my look. 4.A whole lotta ooh la lift to make my tired eyes appear as if I caught up on my zzzz'z. 5. Benetint lip balm that I quickly dot on my lips and cheeks to give me an instant healthy glow. It's slight sheen gives my skin a dewy-glow! Does anyone have any other in-flight beauty tips to add on to my list?

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bring your mom to work day.

Last week, my mom came into the City. I gave her a tour of our new office & then we took a little field trip to visit Joseph at the Fillmore Street boutique. Lately, we've been chatting about how easy it is to get in ruts: clothing, exercise, recipes, and, yes, even makeup. So, I figured it was by far time for her to visit Benefit (and subsequently be subject of a blog post). Here are some pics from my mom's visit to my work...also some great tips from Joseph for makeup when you're not 17.

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