Lady Lana

america the beautiful

For the 4th of July, my family took a champagne cruise around NY Harbor. It was really cool. While admiring "Lady Liberty" from a far, I couldn’t take my eyes of Lady Lana (my sis!) sitting right across from me. She was so boat-chic. "Its all about playing with brights and keeping it casually comfortable." She wore yellow stretch jeans, a tailored denim blazer to keep within the nautical theme and a chunky necklace and fedora to keep her look stylish and fun!

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wanna dance?

go coral on the 4th of july

Coral is hot for summer and what better time to show it off than this July 4th weekend (which in my opinion, marks the apex of this sizzlin season). I decided to do a dry run of my July 4th look and wore my weekend digs to the office today specifically for this quick n' easy how-to blog post on our latest, juciest, lip & cheek stain, chachatint.

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what a rush(more)

what a trip!

Last summer, I took a little road trip with my friend. Well, it was a 3,000+ mile route from SF to Boston. She was moving there and I was...I was...I guess I just wanted to see new parts of the country I hadn't seen before: yellowstone national park, mt. rushmore, the mississippi. Are you taking an awesome trip this summer? If so, pack your Benefit, take a pic with your Benefit, and enter it in our Facebook Contest to win Benefit!

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